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We provide quality medicine at affordable price.

Solmars Pharma is one of the Indian leading pharmaceutical companies, and changes the pharma industry by providing world class medications at affordable price. Every Indian has right to get quality medicine at affordable price. Solmars Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company, based pink city apartment near andhkalian Kendra Ranip in Ahmadabad. We are growing pharmaceutical company. We are working on allopathic medicine neutracutical products and some ayurrvedic medicine. We are also working on cancer medicine. Over all 4 division presently working in india. The company has products in therapeutic areas ranging from antibiotics, to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, dermal, and erectile dysfunction medications.

Founded Solmars Pharma, one of the top 5 leading pharmaceutical companies in India, started its journey in 2017 in allopathic. Previously it was in ayurvedic from 2004 . Today, we have 100 employees and are heading. Specially dedicated for orthopaedic and neurologic medicine.

Vision Mission


Our vision is to become in top 100 companies in india.


Our mission is to provide quality medicine at affordable price.